Our Certified Technicians
will guide you through your installation and train you on the proper operation of your system after installation.


VTEGI provides clients with world class information technology in the Virtualization and Cloud arenas encompassing a great deal of benefits for the customer such as a better return on investment, scalability, reliability, redundancy, and profits. VTEGI's main focus is to strategically align information technology with business needs and ensure a seamless success rate in increased productivity.

The Virtualization / Cloud technology comes with a healthy cost savings to our customers while providing a much smaller manageable footprint within the information technology industry. Data Center Virtualization allows better use of resources, allocation of those resources as well as better manageability of capacity, performance and capabilities. By enhancing an organization's depth into the Virtualization and Cloud technology. VTEGI expands their reach to other parts of the spectrum in Data Center Virtualization leading to an increased customer base, revenue, and profits.

Data Center (Server & Storage):
Green IT
On-Site Maintenance Agreements
Consolidation Analysis
Disaster Recovery
Server Health Assessments
Servers & Storage:
  • 1. P2V
  • 2. Consolidation
  • 3. Management
Desktop (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure):
Application Virtualization
Thin Clients
Desktop Management